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Forensic Accounting, Economic, and Financial litigation support, specializing in the pricing of expected future cash flows, whether anticipated or wrongfully denied.

We offer specific expertise in the estimation of present value during times of exceptionally high growth, including startup firms and early career professionals, as well as in the field of cryptocurrency.

Who We Are

Charles Evans

PhD (Fin.), MA (Econ.)

Dr. Evans has been teaching Finance and Economics since 2003, and has been involved with virtual currencies since the first wave of moneypunk projects during the 1990s Dot.Com Era. In addition to advising entrepreneurs, he has worked with both prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys over the past decade on cases related to money laundering, fraud, and personal injury.

A native of Miami, Dr. Evans lives once again in South Florida, and has lived in the New York City area, Metropolitan Washington DC, Los Angeles, Southern Germany, West Berlin, Anguilla (The Caribbean), and the Bahamas. He speaks German fluently and enough Spanish to get by.

He is available to clients worldwide.

Dr. Evans is a member of:
National Association of Forensic Economics (NAFE)
Financial Management Association (FMA)
Financial Education Association (FEA)


Angelina Pluzhnyk

MAcc (Acctg.), MA (Econ.)

Ms.Pluzhnyk has more than fifteen years of accounting experience in several industries, including tourism, energy, insurance, and cryptocurrency. Ms.Pluzhnyk also teaches Accounting and Economics for Keiser University.

Originally from Yalta, Ukraine, Ms.Pluzhnyk has lived in Ukraine, Russia, the USA, and the Bahamas. She is fluent in Russian and English.

Ms.Pluzhnyk is a member of:
American Institute of Public Accountancts (AICPA)
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE)


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Charles Evans

PhD (Fin.), MA (Econ.)

Angelina Pluzhnyk

MAcc (Acctg.), MA (Econ.)

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